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Distinguished and Famous people from Central Wheatbelt

The Central Wheatbelt region in Western Australia has been the birthplace or home to several distinguished and famous individuals. Here are some notable figures associated with this area:

1. Sir Roden Cutler

Sir Roden Cutler (1916-2002) was born in Manjimup, which is located within the Central Wheatbelt region. He was a highly decorated Australian diplomat and politician. Cutler served in the Australian Army during World War II and received numerous bravery awards, including the Victoria Cross. He later became the Governor of New South Wales.

2. David Wirrpanda

David Wirrpanda is a former Australian rules footballer, born in the town of Mullewa within the Central Wheatbelt region. He played for the West Coast Eagles in the Australian Football League (AFL) and was known for his skill and leadership on the field. Wirrpanda has also made significant contributions off the field, particularly through the development of indigenous youth programs.

3. Albert Facey

Albert Facey (1894-1982) was an Australian author best known for his autobiography, "A Fortunate Life." He was born in Maidstone, a small town in the Central Wheatbelt region. Facey's book provides a remarkable account of his life, from hardships endured during his early years to his service in World War I and eventual success as a farmer.

4. John Cowdell Bowes-Wilson

John Cowdell Bowes-Wilson (1858-1926) was an Australian politician and pastoralist. He was born in Goomalling, within the Central Wheatbelt region, and later represented the electoral district of Toodyay in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly. Bowes-Wilson also held various positions in the agricultural industry, contributing to the development of the region.

5. Sir William Campion

Sir William Campion (1870-1951) was a prominent figure in Western Australia's politics. Born in Toodyay, within the Central Wheatbelt, he served as the state premier from 1902 to 1904. Campion was known for his efforts in advancing education, agricultural development, and mining in Western Australia.

6. John Hubert Marshall

John Hubert Marshall (1876-1966) was an Australian geologist and explorer, born in the Central Wheatbelt town of Kellerberrin. He conducted various geological surveys and explorations throughout Western Australia, contributing to the understanding of the state's mineral wealth. Marshall was known for his extensive knowledge of the region's geology and natural resources.

These are just a few examples of distinguished individuals associated with the Central Wheatbelt region in Western Australia. Their contributions to various fields have left a lasting impact on the local community and beyond.

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